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Website Management

Content management is the administration of digital content throughout its lifecycle, from creation to permanent storage or deletion. The content involved may be text, images, video, audio and multimedia.

Stages in digital content management:

    1. Creation

    2. Editing

    3. Publishing (visible on Website)

    4. Oversight (managing updates)

    5. Removal

Tracy Wilkerson

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We work with clients to help create their vision on the web. Changes or Updates usually can be done within 24 hours. Most of all we will answer your call in time of need.

With our Website Management you get the best of both managed hosting & website management from our trained team of website designers and programmers. Our support team will update your site for you.. We make every effort to fulfill our client’s requests within the first 24. Typically, updates will be completed within just hours of the request.

Examples of Website Management include:
Updating company news and contact information
Adding new products or content
Adding meeting agendas or minutes
Sending Email Notices
Updating online forms
Adding or updating photos

We offer special programs for MUD's and HOA's

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